Drops returning to the ocean

You seek knowledge from books. What a shame! ...You are an ocean of knowledge hidden in a dew drop... (The Sufi Path of Love: The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi, p. 64)

Try to dissolve out of selfishness into a voice beyond those limits. (The Essential Rumi, p. 250)

Experience shows that the spirit is nothing but awareness. Whoever has greater awareness has greater spirit... When the spirit becomes greater and passes beyond all bounds, the spirits of all things become obedient to it. (The Sufi Path of Love: The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi, pp. 31-32)

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Oceandrop.org is a place for a range of websites of a group of friends who share a common value for a perspective that values the Spirit and values the World, and all beings within it. It is organised as several web sites , which are different sub-domains on the root domain of oceandrop.

What you find here varies in kind and viewpoint.
Some sites will be Weblogs, some informational sites, some activist, some more personal. They have their own identity, are owned by several people, and exist as sub-domains of Oceandrop. We all believe in diversity.

While as providers of sub-domains, the owners of oceandrop.org will try and keep things legal1, essentially all you see in a subdomain is the property of the subdomain-holder. We are not censors, nor do we check for content. The holders of subdomains are fundamentally independent, and requests or comments about their sites are best sent to those sites.

That said, there is no porn here, nor calls to violence. There are several points of view represented, some which may not suit you. If you just don't like a person's perspective, that's easily solved by not coming to this site.

1."Legal" means legal in our jurisdiction, which is Australia. Basically, there can be no calls to hatred or violence, and porn is heavily restricted.

We live in a fairly liberal nation, and free speech generally applies. Personally, as Webwitch, I don't believe people should be prevented from exposure to a diversity of minority opinions. That's what freedom of expression means. But I don't believe freedom of expression can be taken to include verbal "assault with intent to hurt". I don't believe freedom should be extended to promotions of hatred and intolerance. That is counter-productive. I don't believe we should be free to express bigotry and hatred, any more than physical freedoms of action should be extended to permit physical assault.

Happily in my legal jurisdiction, my beliefs coincide basically with law. Sex is trickier. I believe we live in a profoundly sex-negative society. This is not a good thing. I believe we should be able to discuss sex, including minority sexual practices, and children should be raised in an atmosphere of availability of information. However, I also feel that a lot of pornography is a symptom of social sex-negativity. They are demeaning expressions of people, often of women.

In any case, my legal jurisdiction regulates pictures of sex deemed to be "pornography". Perhaps not the same way as I would, but that's that's a different argument, and while sexual issues may be discussed here, there won't be any "porn", so don't bother looking.

A final note. One of the peculiarities of the net, and communication generally, is that someone can create something or say something in one country where what they do is legal. Things can travel, and so can words, and the context in which they appear may change. The person that generated something should only be held responsible for what they do where they do it, and in the context in which they do it. This particularly holds true where there is no particular need for anyone to see, read, hear or go looking for a thing. So, if you don't like things you find here, take some personal responsibility and don't visit this site.

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